FAQ Handbook

What is the Governors Club?

We’re a members-only club of Algorand investors focused on mastering crypto, DeFi, and NFTs.

We prepare our members to thrive in the new digital economy by providing easy-to-digest guides, strategies, playbooks, performance reports, market analysis, and in-depth research and POVs.

Our focus on DeFi, NFTs, and overall market trends provides a diversified approach to earning more ALGO and supports you on your journey to mastering Algorand and building wealth.

Put simply, we’re the definitive guide to Algorand.

What will I learn?

We teach you how to supercharge your DeFi and NFT yields with exclusive guides, strategies, performance reports, research, and POVs.

And our market analysis helps you assess market trends, pinpoint long-term entry and exit points, and determine short-term buy and sell zones.

Become confident in your Algorand game by joining the Club.

How do I join the Club?

Our NFT series grants you lifetime access to our website and private Discord community.

To learn more about the different access levels of the Club, check out “How much does the membership cost and what is included?”

How much does the membership cost and what is included?

There are three access levels to our community:

Club Access

Unlock Club access with 1 Gov from our NFT series (150A mint value). As a Club member, you receive lifetime access to our definitive guides, playbooks, DeFi fundamentals, and the Club lounge in our private Discord community.

Alpha Access

Unlock Alpha access with 3 Govs from our NFT series (450A mint value). Alpha members stay on top of the market with lifetime access to our Governance strategy guides, performance reports, market analysis, NFT alpha, and exclusive research as well as all the content provided at the Club access level.

Alpha members also receive exclusive access to the infamous Alpha Lounge, where they can talk about DeFi, NFTs, and the overall crypto and ASA markets with VIP members such as our Chief Market Gov (JT Invests in You) who provides weekly market analysis to help you pinpoint long-term entry and exit points on BTC, ETH, ALGO, and popular ASAs.

Diamond Access

Diamond access is reserved for our diamond hands and unlocks with 5 Govs from our NFT series (750A mint value). Diamond members receive all of the benefits of Club and Alpha members, as well as access to the Diamond Lounge in Discord.

In the Diamond Lounge, members can vote on the direction of the Club and its content, participate in exclusive AMAs with our Chief Executive Gov, and get early access to new features.

Is this financial advice?

None of our content is financial advice. We recommend you use our strategies to learn what works and doesn’t and design a plan that works best for your personal situation.

If I have more questions, how can I contact the Club?

Hit us up at support@governorsclub.xyz and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where else can I follow the Club?

Follow us on Twitter for more helpful content!